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Our Centre is rated as 'EXCEEDING' the National Quality Standard with the Assessment and Rating conducted by ACECQA under the new National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care.

The National Quality Framework is designed to ensure that all children get the best possible start in life through a consistently high standard. We are extremely proud of our wonderful team of dedicated educators who achieved this fantastic result. 

We are focused on providing the highest quality childcare and education for all children, based on the principle of learning through play. Ongoing research shows that young children learn best through play. Play is the starting point for exploring the early learning experience of how things work, along with developing social and other skills during the most important early years of a child's life.

Our Centre's Philosophy includes a spirit of warmth, encouragement and respect for and consideration of others. We ensure that interactions between people are positive, sensitive and individual to build self esteem in every child.

When the early learning experience is connected to an activity and tailored to the individual, children understand better, feel in control of their lives and their actions as well as being challenged to advance and succeed.

The Children's Environment is thoughtfully organised, providing a balance between indoor and outdoor times; individual, small and large group activities; active and quiet times; structured and unstructured activities.

In each age group program there is a consistent pattern to the day, which is designed to give children a sense of security. We suggest that children attend multiple days, which then allows them to settle into the routine and surroundings, as well as taking full advantage of stimulating early learning, play, and social interaction.

Our dedicated team of Early Learning Educators are all qualified, with our Kindergarten teacher, Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) Primary School Teacher, delivering our Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program five days per week. All of our Early Learning Educators play a vital role in supporting our families and providing the children in our care with the best foundation for a lifetime journey.


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