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Our Centre is rated as 'EXCEEDING' the National Quality Standard with the Assessment and Rating conducted by ACECQA under the new National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care.

The National Quality Framework is designed to ensure that all children get the best possible start in life through a consistently high standard. We are extremely proud of our wonderful team of dedicated educators who achieved this fantstic result.

Our learning through play curriculum and programs are focused on the individual interests and needs of each child and incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Negotiated Emergent Curriculum, National Quality Framework (NQF) as well as the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

The children spend a lot of their day “playing” both indoors and outdoors. When the children are not engaged in self-directed play our early learning educators use the flexible routine to immerse them in various types of learning experiences.

Our educators interact and engage with the children throughout our programs to ensure that all children have a valuable and happy experience.

Children Have a Strong Sense of Identity – Relationships with people, places and things, Self-identities, Actions and Responses to Others, Social development, Showing empathy, Teamwork

Children are Confident and Involved Learners – Learning Problem solving, Science, Experimenting, Investigating, ICT – Information and Communication Technologies.

Children are Connected with and Contribute to their world – Interactions with others, the community and the world, Respecting and learning about diversity, Belonging to a group, Learning about fairness, Respect for the environment.

Children are Effective Communicators - Language - English and other languages, Literacy, Talking, Listening, Communicating – verbal and non-verbal, Reading – experiencing different ranges of texts, Music, Drama, Singing, Using ICTs (computers etc).

Children Have a Strong Sense of Wellbeing – Physical and Psychological aspects, Emotional wellbeing, Own health and physical wellbeing.

A typical day at our centre can involve a wide variety of activities including but not limited to the following:

Music, singing, dancing, art/craft, story time, numbers, letter and word recognition including Letterland to help with reading and language skills, group discussions, global people/countries, show and tell, puzzles, play dough, sand play, driving cars and riding scooters, adventure playgrounds and forts, gardening/how plants grow, the egg/chicken life cycle, number recognition/junior maths and computer games etc.

We ensure our children are kept engaged and active and all enjoy their day by learning through play.